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In the Beginning
   "The world has never been the way it is now but the human spirit remains the same. The selection of subject matter reflects my interest in the transformation of the visible world into art. From the early works of direct observation to the more recent biblical and mythological themes, I have been on an open-ended journey."
   "Through growth and change, painting, drawing and printmaking, every step of the creative process has been to develop a more personal statement. I hope that my artistic vocabulary, my flowers, my figures, my spiritual mysteries will connect with and raise a responsive dialogue between audience and artist."
Marion Wilner
© Marion Wilner
'In the Beginning' exhibited as a screen at
The Providence Art Club
Acrylic - 70" X 10.5' - Individual panels 70 X 18"
   As an artist, I have always been fascinated by the richness of the human mind as it probes the secrets of nature. I am enchanted by the beauty that is revealed. "In the Beginning" offers the viewer this artist's personal interpretation of the seven days of creation from the book of Genesis in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Seven days or seven million years is a fact we may never know, but I have linked them through color and design. If you will, think of creation as an ongoing process and these ancient concepts as a gift from our distant ancestors.

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