"Remembered Journeys..."
© Marion Wilner
'Tuscany' - Watercolor - 25 X 19"
© Marion Wilner
'Sicily' - Watercolor - 25 X 19"
Remembered Journeys

A place can never be neutral. Lawrence Durrell believed that all landscapes
pose the same question to the traveler: I am watching you - are you
watching yourself in me?
Through the image we become time travelers.
Much of my travel has to do with art, seeing it and making it. Drawing is my
connection to reality.

People and places arouse my emotions and compel me to find a way to
translate and transform my experience into a visual language.
My working process is about careful observation and a desire for immersion
into the environment.

This series of "Remembered Journeys" offers memories, visual fragments,
moments of revelation and a continuation of life's flow.

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